Levee Lumber Has Just Upgraded To The New IBOS 3.0 System

As one of the premier hardware stores in Hoquiam, Levee Lumber prides itself in providing its customers with high-quality service. To ensure that it stays that way, Levee Lumber has decided to take advantage of the new features found in the IBOS 3.0 system for their e-commerce needs. Thanks to the new system, the company now offers a more user-friendly website, which gives you access to their entire product catalog. You can easily browse through their selection and find information about any of their products. Best of all, you can even get real time pricing and ordering info on the fly.

The main features that make the IBOS 3.0 system special include providing up-to-date product information and specifications, as well as real time pricing and ordering capabilities. That means, all you have to do is to drop by Levee Lumber’s website to check on the specifications of whatever lumber product you need. With the new system in place, you are assured of getting the latest information and pricing about their stocked products, plus have the ability to place an order right then and there.

The IBOS 3.0 also gives Levee Lumber’s website the capability to provide their customers with 24/7 access to information found on their site, either through the information that is contained there or through a monthly newsletter which can be easily created using the new system. As a result, customers can get timely updates about the latest happenings within the company or about the industry as a whole.

Another advantage customers can now enjoy thanks to the new IBOS 3.0 is that they can keep track of new product announcements and promotions. The capability to create web-only promotions easily and at anytime will ensure that customers get to know the best deals online. 

All these new features have allowed Levee Lumber to be more responsive to their customers’ needs, enabling them to provide not just superior lumber products but top-notched service as well. Be sure to check back in the future for more updates regarding Levee Lumber and our products.